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Discover our exclusive real-like breathing system

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Did you know that the Practi-Man adult simulators have a unique breathing system including a nose with real function?

Unlike other products on the market, Practi-Man includes among its main functions the most real-like breathing system in the BSL CPR field.

The PRACTI-MAN manikins nose is functional and it is connected to the lung and mouth thanks to it´s exclusive VALVE. The exclusive valve system of NON return air to the mouth after insufflation helps to avoid cross contamination during training session.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that if the nose is not pinched correctly, the lungs will not fill and the chest will not rise, a very important step to check a correct CPR training.

It should also be noted that the lung is semi-disposable and it could be used to train a group of people during a CPR session. In terms of durability, they are made so that 1 unit lasts during a full training session.

Thanks to the special and exclusive valve which includes the non-return air system, the real-like breathing system prevents cross contamination while using the same lung during the training session.

The exclusive Practi-Man system is also very ecological, since it avoids to replace the lungs for each student. Additionally Practi-Man lung is very easy and fast to replace saving time during a training ssession.

Of course, Practi-Man recommends the use of face shields, pocket mask and any other prevention tool as complement of the breathing real like system to avoid any cross contamination.

You can watch more Practi-Man videos in our Youtube Channel.